Insanely Precious And Rare Atari 2600 Games You Want You Possessed

When gamers get homesick for the games of yesteryear, Nintendo games consoles are the ones that come to mind.


Air Raid
Without the carton, the game sells for between 13-14 thousand dollars. No, that wasn’t a typo, only the cartridge is worth around $13,000. With the carton, the last one that reach on the market sold for an even more mindblowing 33 thousand dollars. That means the little cardboard is really worth more than the game itself. It’s quite crazy. What more crazy is that the game is truly a commercial launch, whereas most of the games that are extremely rare were never sold in shops.
The game features a layout that is very distinctive, as it comes in light blue, and it’s a t- . It’s really quite trendy looking, and you’d understand you found it right away if you happened upon one. If you’ve got Air Raid in your group, collectors all over the world, and I, envy you.

Crimson Water Crossing
This game wasn’t even known about by Atari collectors until 2007. It was lost to history until it was found by someone at a garage sale. Along with that, just one advertisement for the game’s first release has really been discovered, which explains why no one purchased it when it was new.
So much is this insanely uncommon game really worth? The free cartridge that was last sold for $13,800, which is simply amazing No copies with a carton have made it to the people, but it’s not difficult to envision that if one did, it’d likely sell for around exactly the same cost as Air Raid. If you happened to purchase away for this game you’ve one hanging in your cabinet, and when you were a kid, consider yourself very blessed. If you were the man who sold your copy at a garage sale, and had it, then that truly stinks.

Birthday bash Mania
This is another special order game, but it includes an angle that is very intriguing. It would be custom ordered by buyers as a present, and the name of the receiver would be added to the title screen. This is about as custom as you’re going to locate when it comes to video games. Unfortunately for the business that made it, but for collectors now, the theory didn’t catch on at all, and therefore, copies are very difficult to come by. It uncommon, actually, that just two or three copies are known to exist.
Unfortunately, this game hasn’t been sold to the people, so it’s difficult to set an actual value on it. However, there’s a record on a copy, so offer of a $6,500 that’s have to go on. is ’sed we by actually

For game collectors all over the world, these are the Atari 2600 games they wish they’d. I understand I do! Do you possess any of these games that are very rare? What’re the rarest games in your group? Hit the remarks section below and let’s understand!

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