Games without a gamepad: controllers in which buttons and stick are not important

Over more than 40 years of their history, games have changed. They went from pixel arcades and text quests to fighters with a photorealistic picture.

All this time there were intermediaries between us and the virtual world, these are controllers. And if the keyboard with the mouse is not greatly changed during the existence of games, the gamepads have evolved noticeably. The Magnavox Odyssey had only two wheels for vertical and horizontal travel, but starting with the Atari 2600, the minimum required is a stick or cross for movement and a button for action. With time, the basic buttons became slightly larger, and the shape of the devices was more ergonomic.

Now, in addition to the gamepad and keyboard with a mouse, there are several special devices. However, there were many ways to control, which do not need arrows, sticks and buttons. Well, only as an auxiliary means of control.
One of the problems in virtual reality is the movement of the character. The move of the hero has all the same stick on the gamepad or a special controller like Razer Hydra. The Virtuix Omni, in theory, solves this problem. The platform consists of a slippery bucket that reads the movements of the legs, and a belt that registers squats and tilts. The device  successfully passed the campaign to raise funds for Kickstarter several years ago, now it is being finalized and sold only for commercial purposes.


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